GPU Programming: Intel

By Wolfgang Keller
Originally written 2021-04-04
Last modified 2021-05-25

Table of contents

Download and install Intel® SDK For OpenCL™ Applications


Build Intercept Layer for OpenCL™ Applications

Install Visual Studio 2019 (including MFC) and CMake.

Intercept Layer for OpenCL™ Applications (opencl-intercept-layer) is available at intel/opencl-intercept-layer: Intercept Layer for Debugging and Analyzing OpenCL Applications [visited 2021-04-04T11:32:13Z]. Download the most recent release and extract it.

Create a folder _bin64 inside the extracted opencl-intercept-layer. In the command prompt, go into this folder, and type

cmake.exe -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" ..

Open the generated CLIntercept.sln Visual Studio project and build it. You are very likely in particular interested in the build target INSTALL.