By Wolfgang Keller
Originally written 2019-06-27
Last modified 2022-10-18

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This section is about how to (legally or illegally) get a VID and PID that you can use for a self-built USB device.

Option 1: pid.codes

How to get a PID code – pid.codes [visited 2022-04-29T11:47:20Z] is willing to assign you a USB PID for the USB VID 120916 if you do an open-source hardware project. Under How to get a PID code – pid.codes [visited 2022-04-29T11:56:42Z], you can find an instruction how to get one. VID 1209 – pid.codes [visited 2022-04-29T11:58:18Z] lists the assigned PIDs of VID 120916. Note that the PIDs 0xxx16 and 1xxx16 are reserved:

Option 2: Use a “dirty word” as VID

The following approach is based on the following observation: nearly all companies are quite concerned about their reputation and their public perception. So, they will avoid using USB VIDs that have connotations that these companies don't want to be associated with.

So let us find some 16 bit hexadecimal numbers that make “dirty words” so that no vendor should want to use this number as his VID. For looking up whether these are really not used as USB VID, have a look at

Now for the table of 16 bit hex numbers that make “dirty words”:

Hex Value Page of USB ID Repository Meaning
0419 USB Devices 1943-04-19 (in US-American date notation: 04/19/1943) was the “bicycle day” (Wikipedia [visited 2020-12-27T14:20:50Z]). Unluckily, in opposite to 1904 below, 0419 is registered as USB VID for “Samsung Info. Systems America, Inc.”: USB Devices [visited 2022-04-29T12:49:39Z].
0420 (0)420 (in US-American date notation: 04/20): 420 (cannabis culture) - Wikipedia [visited 2020-12-27T15:35:10Z]. Unluckily, in opposite to 2004 below, 0420 is registered as USB VID for “Chips and Technologies”: USB Devices [visited 2022-04-29T12:51:58Z].
1904 USB Devices 1943-04-19 (in the date notation used in Great Britain: 19/04/1943) was the “bicycle day” (Wikipedia [visited 2020-12-27T14:20:50Z]).
2004 USB Devices (0)420 (in the date notation used in Great Britain: 20/04): 420 (cannabis culture) - Wikipedia [visited 2020-12-27T15:35:10Z]. In opposite to 0420 above, 2004 is not registered an an USB VID.
51A6 USB Devices slag: Urban Dictionary: Slag [visited 2022-05-12T10:20:58Z]
53C5 secs → sex
600C USB Devices gooc → gook: Urban Dictionary: gook [visited 2022-05-12T10:23:49Z]
7055 USB Devices toss: Urban Dictionary: Toss [visited 2022-06-20T20:12:21Z]
7175 tits
8008 USB Devices boob
900C USB Devices gooc → gook: Urban Dictionary: gook [visited 2022-05-12T10:23:49Z])
A551 USB Devices ass!

A.C.A.B.: All Cops Are Bastards (A.C.A.B. - Wikipedia [visited 2019-06-26T23:46:47Z]).

Note that its numerical encoding 1312 (with hexadecimal digits and with respect to the alphabetic ordering of the letters) is actually used as a USB VID for “ICS Electronics”: USB Devices [visited 2019-06-26T23:50:45Z].

By the way: the German translation of “All Cops Are Bastards” is “Alle Bullen sind Schweine”; here the first letters of the individual words also make nice hex values A855 and AB55, which are currently not used as USB VIDs. It is nevertheless not clear whether international companies care about whether their USB VID has such a meaning in the German-speaking area.

AC1D acid (slang for LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide - Wikipedia [visited 2019-06-27T00:25:31Z]))
B008 USB Devices boob
C0CA USB Devices

coca: according to Urban Dictionary: Coca [visited 2022-05-11T12:11:39Z], it has (among others) the following meanings:

  • The name of the plant that Cocaine is made from.
  • Spanish slang for cocaine, probably the most popular fuel of the Spanish society.
  • An acronym for Cock on Cock Action.
C0CC cocc → cock
C1CE cice → kike: Urban Dictionary: kike [visited 2022-05-12T08:59:18Z])
D1CC USB Devices dicc → dick
DA60 dago: Urban Dictionary: dago [visited 2022-05-11T12:13:08Z])
F001 USB Devices fool
F0AD FOAD (acronym for “fuck off and die”; Urban Dictionary: foad [visited 2020-12-26T21:54:08Z])
F0FFfoff (short for “fuck off”; Urban Dictionary: foff [visited 2020-12-26T21:16:58Z])
FA65 fags (plural of “fag” (short for “faggot”); Urban Dictionary: fag [visited 2019-06-27T10:15:29Z])
FA66 fagg (short for “faggot”; Urban Dictionary: fagg [visited 2019-06-27T09:09:05Z])
FA95 fags (plural of “fag” (short for “faggot”); Urban Dictionary: fag [visited 2019-06-27T10:15:29Z])
FA96 fagg (short for “faggot”; Urban Dictionary: fagg [visited 2019-06-27T09:09:05Z])
FEC1 fec! (short for “feces”; Urban Dictionary: fec [visited 2022-10-18T13:05:41Z])
FEC5 fecs; short for “feces”
Table : “Dirty” USB VIDs